*430* - Tell Him

Tell Him

Altamura: "KIM" Bento head v0.35.1+
Altamura: "SOFIA" Bento  Body

Make Up:
 Altamura Group: "Misha"- Eyeshadow 
 8 different eyeshadow make up
Altamura- Omega
Make Up has been created by 
Milla Rasmuson Makeup.

FABIA Hair "November"
esclusive @ Sad November (open 11th november - end 2th dicember)

Lush Poses - Autumn Swing 
- 10 poses 
esclusive @ The secrets Garden
(The Secret Garden is a seasonal quartley event. 
Our HUDs cost 500L and will allow you to hunt for 
the 10 magical butterflies that are hiding in our gardens. 
Each butterfly contains an exclusive items from our team of amazing designers)
The Secret Garden (Starts - 1st November - 12th Jan)


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